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We have 10 years to make climate innovation happen, but new entrants to the climate space often find it difficult to identify the right ideas to work on.

Climate Foundry was developed to source non-obvious ideas from climate experts and channel them to a high-caliber founding community for rapid prototyping.


Non-obvious ideas

We source ideas from experts

We organize idea jams with domain experts because we believe there are important ideas in climate are non-obvious to newcomers. Our network of experienced entrepreneurs transform this information into concrete projects with commercialization potential. Past experts have come from Con Edison, Elemental Excelerator, and founded their own climate startups.

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Forcing functions

Action-oriented community

As a community we orchestrate social structures that keep our group moving quickly in prototyping and due diligencing climate ideas. We support each other's projects by sharing experience, feedback, community, and social accountability.

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Advisors are experts in their own domain and provide teams with ideas, connections, and introductions on an as-needed basis. Join as an advisor to have the chance to shape and partner with companies coming out of the foundry.


Investors provide a sniff test for helping us identify investable ideas coming out of the foundry and help make necessary introductions. Join us as an investor for the chance to meet early-stage teams and have a first look at companies coming out of the foundry.

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